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Destination Snow – Tips for First Time Skiers


So you’re going on your first skiing trip and you’re planning on conquering the slopes. Here are a few tips to make it that extra bit easier –

First things first, find a ski resort with Beginner Terrain to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience.
Skis and snowboards are typically designed based on a person’s weight or height so avoid borrowing these from others and better your skiing experience by renting these out.  
First time skiers usually wear cotton and jeans which absorb water so it’s highly advised that skiers wear a simple nylon windbreaker on top of these layers. There’s no need to buy a new wardrobe until you know whether or not it is the sport for you. It’s definitely worth purchasing or hiring goggles, a helmet, a balaclava ski mask and gloves to keep you safe and warm.  
Always buddy-up with someone with an equal amount of experience as you to ensure you don’t end up on terrain you are not comfortable with.
Avoid skiing the day after it rains as the conditions will be too firm. Two or three days after a snowstorm would be the idea day to ski.
It can be difficult to stay in control once you’re on the slopes. Invest in a ski lesson and learn the basics if possible. Your instructor will teach you on the slopes but just be ahead of the game and practise in your own time so you can own the slopes.  
With its beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air, skiing is one of the most enjoyable holidays around and can be experienced alone, as a couple, in a group of friends or as a family holiday.